James Cocker
Born 12/11/1820 in Crompton, Lancashire
Settled in Cowlishaw, Nr Shaw & Royton
Died 1882
Father Adam Cocker
Mother Jane Cocker (m)

Siblings John Cocker, Charles Cocker
Children Charles Cocker, Edmund Cocker, George Cocker, John Cocker, Mary J Cocker, Alice Cocker, Elizabeth Ann Cocker
Notes On son's birth certificate (in 1847) as a Spinner. In 1851 census he was living in Cowlishaw, aged 31, an operative cotton spinner Age 41 on 1861 census (7/4/1861) so born in 1819/20. Had moved out of Cowlishaw by the 1871 census and was living in Park Road, Royton with his wife and children. He was then a Joiner. In 1881 was living at 52 Street Lane, Royton and was still a Joiner.