Hannah (Ann) Scutcher
Born 07/06/1839 in Great Bentley, Essex
Settled in St Pancras, London.
Died 1900
Father Francis Scutcher
Mother Mary Pritty

Siblings William Scutcher, Susanna Scutcher, James Scutcher, Matilda Scutcher, Francis Scutcher, Sarah Scutcher, John Francis Scutcher, Elizabeth Scutcher
Children Ada Elizabeth Floyd, Charles Floyd, Caroline Floyd, Ellen Floyd, Alice Floyd
Notes Named as Hannah in the 1841 census in Great Bentley with her family, at Ainger's Green, near Great Bentley. She was aged 2, so making her born about 1839. In 1851 census, is a scholar, living in the same place. Known as Annie in the 1871 census. Could also be the Hannah in the 1881 and 1891 censuses, though the age there would make her born in 1839/40, rather than 1841/42.