Caroline Sprague
Born 10/04/1840 in St. Pancras
Settled in 21 Drummond Street, Pancras
Died 29/02/1908
Father Alfred Dight Sprague
Mother Elizabeth Smart

Siblings Elizabeth Mary Ann Sprague, William Sprague, Henry Sprague, Eliza Sprague, George Sprague
Children Alfred William Munday, Elizabeth E. Munday, Charles Munday, George Munday, Henry Munday
Notes Christened on 17th May 1840 in Old Church, St Pancras. In 1841 living in Chalton Street, St Pancras. In 1861 census, living with her family at 123 Drummond Street, St Pancras and was an Artificial Florist. In 1871 census lived at 67 Chalton Street with her husband and three children. She was an Articificial Florist". In the 1881 census lived at 101, Chalton Street, St Pancras with her husband and five children. In 1901 census she was in the Highgate Infirmary, Kentish Town, St Pancras. Died in St Pancras Infirmary South, having been living at 68 Chalton Street.