Lucy Olive Cocker
Born 02/11/1919 in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh
Settled in Mitcham, Surrey
Died 24/02/2010
Father Frank Cocker
Mother Janet Buchanan Arnott

Siblings William Samuel Arnott Cocker, George Buchanan Arnott Cocker, Frank John Cocker, Robert Andrew Cocker, James Alexander Cocker, (1 hidden for privacy)
Notes Lucy was born in Edinburgh and then moved around the country with her family. She was oldest child of her father and her name, Lucy Olive, was taken directly from her grandmother. As she had brothers born in Newcastle and Liverpool it can be seen that the family moved South and they ended up living in Mitcham. Lucy spent most of her life in Mitcham but moved late in life to be with her daughter Janet in Swindon. At one time she worked as a caterer for weddings and is known in the family as someone who constantly fed people. When her mother died early in the 1950s she took on the care of her youngest sister Jean and her younger brothers. Jean lived with Lucy and her family for many years. Lucy married Albert King in 1943. Albert spent many years working as a building in Eire and came home for holidays. When he came back permanently to the family home in Polard's Hill, Mitcham, he continued to work in the building trade. He loved his garden where he built a large aviary. Children: Janet - 02/08/1945 Wendy - 18/01/1950 Edward - 27/05/1951 Geofrrey - ? The family says that Lucy had an illigimate daughter, in Leicester, between Janet and Wendy but no records can be found to support this. Her children. Janet married Peter Kingshott and lived firstly in London and then in Swindon, where she settled. Janet and Peter have three children: Joanne, Stephen and Wendy. Joanne has two children and her daughter, Wendy, 5. Wendy married John Kirby and had a daughter Lisa and twin boys. She divorced John and re-married. She disappeared from the family after the death of her father and has not been in contact since. At the time of writing Wendy does not even know of the death of her mother. Edward (known as Ted by the family) married Pam. Ted is a builder by trade and Pam a teacher. They moved from Mitcham and bought a large, ex vicarage near Fishguard. Geoffrey came along late in Lucy's life. The story goes that she didn't even know that she was expecting until she felt the baby kick. He had a relationship with a local girl and they had three children, two boys and a girl. The girl is called Crystal and one of the boys was born with downs syndrome. Geoffrey, like his sister Wendy, disappeared from the family after his father's death and no one has spoken to him since. He has been spotted in the Mitcham area so it is assumed that he still lives locally.