James Alexander Cocker
Born 30/12/1933 in Mitcham, Surrey
Settled in Haywards Heath, Sussex
Died 11/11/2008
Father Frank Cocker
Mother Janet Buchanan Arnott

Siblings William Samuel Arnott Cocker, George Buchanan Arnott Cocker, Lucy Olive Cocker, Frank John Cocker, Robert Andrew Cocker, (1 hidden for privacy)
Children (1 hidden for privacy), David Cocker
Notes Married to Anita Westaway and the father of two sons, Andrew and David. Anita died in 2005 following a terrible accident when she broke her neck falling down the stairs at home. Shortly after the death, Jim went into a home as he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Andrew has had several marriages and is the father of two children. Andrew served in Iraq as a captain in the Terratorial Army. David married Sue and has two daughters.