Walter Rawson
Born 1837 in Sheffield
Settled in Sheffield
Died 14/04/1911
Father Samuel Rawson
Mother Harriet Skinner

Siblings John Charles Rawson, Samuel Ellison Rawson, Arthur Rawson, Herbert Alexander Rawson, Frederick Percy Rawson, Henry Anthony Rawson, Emily Hannah Rawson, Harriet Maria Rawson, Louisa Jane Rawson, Lucy Ellen Rawson, James Harvey Rawson
Children Frederick B.S. Rawson, Frank Herbert Rawson, Kate Eleanor Rawson, Albert E. Rawson, Walter W. Rawson, Henry A. Rawson, Harriett Rawson, Ruth Eleanor Rawson
Notes Born about 1837. In 1851 census is aged 13 and a scholar. Note with photograph says Family died, however this is not true as we know of 8 children.