Lucy Olive Cocker
Born 24/03/1872 in 1 Rochdale Lane, Royton
Settled in 110 Eldon Street, Oldham
Died 14/07/1908
Father Charles Cocker
Mother Betty Whittaker

Siblings Frank Cocker
Children Frank Cocker, Mary Jane Cocker, William Stansfield Cocker
Notes Our first record of Lucy after her birth is on the passenger list of the 'City of Brooklyn' when she was a year old. She travelled with her mother and arrived from Liverpool in New York on 8th April 1873. Her father travelled across in the October of the year before. In 1881 census lived at 32 Radcliffe Street, Royton, with her Grandmother, following the death of her mother in America and the death of her father in a mine accident. In 1891 lived at 62 Oldham Street, Crompton, as a boarder and working as a speed tenter. When son Frank was born she was a housekeeper and was lliving at 110 Eldon Street, Oldham (which is now an area of flats called Potter House). No father recorded on her son's birth certificate. In the 1901 census, she lived at 17 Chadderton Street, Oldham with her three childen. She was a lodger here (through the connection seems stronger than that as her 3rd child was named William Stansfield, after the father-in-law of the head of the household, John Stansfield). He was a widower and also had five children with him, from his marriage to Sarah. Lucy died of Eclampsia during pregnancy, the baby being naturally aborted. She died at 47 West Street, Oldham.